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YES, the Americus Garden Inn is Open and We Would Love to See YOU!

YES, the Americus Garden Inn is Open and We Would Love to See YOU!

After a very long year and a half being closed, we are finally open, once again, and hosting guests in our beautiful home. We have truly missed all of your wonderful conversations over breakfast and the joy of shared laughter.

We had hoped that by the time we reopened that Covid 19 would be a distant memory. Unfortunately, that is not the case. However, we would like to share with you our philosophy regarding your stay in our home.

Hospitality is what we offer, and we want you to have the perfect experience. That being said, we know that everyone has a different level of comfort regarding face-to-face interaction. We also know that there are many opinions regarding vaccines. Although we are totally vaccinated, we understand that some people have reasons for making a different choice and we respect their right to choose what is best for their health.

The Americus Garden Inn is our home. We live here. We do everything ourselves with no employees. We are it. And, our home is for the exclusive use of registered guests only. We choose not to wear masks in our own home. We want to greet you with our visible smiling faces and would love to see yours, too. But, if you choose to wear a mask, that is absolutely fine.

We are serving breakfast in the dining room where we can provide you with the service you deserve.

All of our local restaurants are open and operating fairly normally, some servers wearing masks, and some not. If you are not comfortable eating out, you are welcome to bring food back and utilize our dining room, or any of our porches. Now that the weather is becoming cooler, it is very comfortable to sit outside in the evening.

What is there to do around here? All the tourist attractions are open. If you are looking for wide open spaces, Providence Canyon and Massee Lane Gardens await. For history buffs, Andersonville National Historic Site and Jimmy Carter National Historical Park are open. Be advised that for the indoor areas of the historic sites, masks are required. The Georgia Rural Telephone Museum in Leslie is open weekdays offering self-guided tours (no need to worry about groups of people). Pasaquan is situated on 7 acres in nearby Buena Vista andis open weekends.

So, whether you are simply looking to get away or looking for a getaway, there’s as much or as little to do as you want. We’d love to see you.